Divorce proceedings

Information for divorce proceedings

For many people, pension rights are one of their most important and valuable assets. If you get divorced, or dissolve a civil partnership, the Court will take your pension assets into account when determining any settlement.

What you need to do

You and your ex-spouse or partner will each need to tell the Court the value of your pension pot(s) and/or the value of any benefits you have built up. In order to do this you will need to request a Cash Equivalent Value of your pension benefits from the Pensions Shared Service.

You can do this by completing the Pension Sharing on Divorce - Request for a CEV form.

There may be a charge for providing you with this information, and details of this will be provided on receipt of your form.  


The Pensions Shared Service is required to provide this information within 3 months of your request being received, although shorter timescales may apply depending on the circumstances. Certain information may have to be gathered from third parties before your CEV can be provided to you, for example your employer may need to confirm pay information or your Guaranteed Minimum Pension (GMP) figure may have to be obtained from HM Revenue and Customs.

For more information about how your pension benefits could be split please visit the national members' website.