Receiving a pension from the Local Government Pension Scheme

Payment dates

Pension payments are paid monthly by BACS on the dates shown below. If the date shown falls on a non-working day, your pension will be paid on the last working day before this:

Camden Merton Richmond Waltham Forest Wandsworth

Last working day of the month



Last working day of the month


If you are receiving a pension and you have changed address or bank account details, you will need to notify the Pensions Shared Service using the Pensioner Change of Bank Details form. It is vital that you keep the Pensions Shared Service informed of any changes to your address. If payslips are returned, payment of your pension may be suspended as a fraud protection measure.

Please note that the cut-off date for making amendments to the pensioners payroll is approximately two weeks before your pay date and may be earlier in December.

The payroll cut-off date varies from month to month. Please advise us of bank account and address changes immediately. Please do not close your existing bank account without ensuring there is sufficient time for your change of bank details to be updated.