COVID-19 update

We hope all of our colleagues are safe and well at this challenging time.

Our first priority is to ensure the safety of colleagues and everyone using our service. We are therefore working remotely, and we have adapted our processes to ensure that we continue to deliver key services such as, the payment of benefits and that your fund continues to receive pension contributions. We thank you for your co-operation and understanding as the situation develops. Now, more than ever good lines of communication are vital. If you have questions or you need to contact us for other reasons please use the following;

To ensure that we are delivering important messages to the right people, it is vital that you complete and return your key contact form to pssemployers@richmondandwandsworth.gov.uk.

COVID-19: Your questions answered

The Local Government Association (LGA) are continually updating employer and administrator FAQs and guidance on their website. To find the answers to a range of COVID-19-related LGPS, employer and administrator issues please visit the LGPS Regulations and Guidance website.

To ensure service continuity during lockdown, we can confirm that;

  1. Employer notifications/forms - we will accept word versions of forms without a 'wet signature' where the notification is received via a known individual’s email account. We won’t accept instructions, e.g. notification of a leaver from a generic email address. Please ensure that you refer to the PSS web site for all employer forms. We will contact you directly if the notification cannot be processed
  2. We will accept scanned versions of documents such as birth and marriage certificates from members - the originals will be requested at a later date
  3. Post; we are continuing to monitor and file correspondence but please communicate via electronic means wherever possible
  4. Employee and Employer pension contributions; Please ensure that you continue to make monthly pension contributions and continue to provide your contribution return/i-Connect submission in order that payments can be reconciled
  5. You should be mindful of pension scams. Regrettably there are individuals and organisations who are taking advantage of the current situation. If you or a colleague receives correspondence that appears out of the ordinary or is not from a regular source, please be vigilant, do not be pressurised and seek further, independent advice, such as the Pensions Advisory Service, if suspicions are raised. You can, of course, contact the PSS - we are happy to help
  6. LGPS member questions relating to COVID-19 member FAQs are available on the LGPS member website

Keep in touch and keep safe

We thank you for your continued assistance and co-operation at this challenging time. Please keep safe and contact us if you require any assistance.