January 2023

Pensions and the current cost of living

Considering making changes to your pension? Read this before you act.

Considering opting out?

The rising cost of living is giving lots of people new money worries.

We understand that making contributions to a pension may seem like an avoidable expense and that some of you may be considering opting out of the scheme.

If this is something you are considering, make sure you understand what the LGPS gives you:

  • A secure pension for life, with annual adjustments in line with the cost of living
  • A tax-free lump sum when you retire
  • Ill-health retirement if you have to stop work due to a serious illness
  • Redundancy retirement benefits if you’re made redundant or retired on business efficiency grounds after age 55
  • Death benefits for your family – including a partner's pension and children's pensions PLUS a cash lump sum of three times your pay, paid to the person of your choice

Remember that your pension contributions are tax free and this amount would be taxed if you were not in the pension scheme.

On top of this, your employer pays a large contribution on your behalf (more than double, sometimes triple what you pay) into your pension, and therefore contributes substantially towards your standard of living in retirement. We strongly recommend you take financial advice before you opt out of the LGPS.

Reducing your contributions

Did you know you can reduce your contributions and stay in the scheme?

You have the option in the LGPS to pay half your normal contributions in return for half your normal pension. It's called the 50/50 section of the scheme and is designed to help members stay in the scheme when times are financially tough.

You retain full life assurance and ill health cover when you are in the scheme's 50/50 section. Find out more about the 50/50 section.

Visit the LGPS member site to see how your contributions might be affected if you move into the 50/50 section.

Pension scams

In a time of economic uncertainty, it’s possible that pension scams will increase.

To protect your pension from scammers you should:

  • reject offers that come out of the blue
  • beware of adverts on social media channels and paid-for or sponsored adverts online
  • use the Financial Services Register and warning list to check who you are dealing with
  • not click links or open emails from senders you don’t know
  • avoid being rushed or pressured into making a decision
  • not give out personal details, bank account details, your address or information about your existing insurance policies, pensions or investments.

Be ‘scam smart’ - find out more about how scammers work and get advice on the FCA website.

Help for pensioners on lower incomes

There is a separate welfare benefit for pensioners called Pension Credit. Pension credit provides extra income for people over State Pension age on lower incomes.

In April 2022, it was estimated that about 850,000 households are missing out on Pension Credit because they think it isn’t meant for them. Pension Credit can be worth up to £3,300 a year and you may be eligible even if you have your own home or have savings.

Even if you find out you are only entitled to a small amount of pension credit, it is worth claiming. This is because it may help you qualify for other benefits, such as help with heating bills, housing costs, NHS dental care, council tax, and if you are over 75, a free TV licence.

Use the online calculator to check if you are missing out on Pension Credit – it only takes a few minutes. Or call 0800 99 1234.

Where to find help and advice

For further information view: